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(Staff training is also available, online or in person.)

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While questions and feedback are encouraged, there will be no expectation to participate in the class and you are welcome to keep your video off and your sound muted.

Stress Management

The ‘Stress and Anxiety Management’ course offers a deeper understanding of why we experience stress and helps you identify your triggers. You will be given practical tools and resources to manage your stress. This is a ten hour course and takes place over five two-hour classes.


The ‘Building Self-Worth’ course takes place over two one and a half hour classes. It is designed to help those with low self-worth feel more comfortable in themselves. During the class you will learn how to address shame and your inner critic. Unhelpful assumptions and thinking styles will be identified. You will also learn tools to help move towards self acceptance and self compassion. Online worksheets and resources will be made available to you. Please see the ‘Building Self-Worth’ page for information about our special offer of a free course for subscribers.

Inner-child Work

This ‘Inner-Child Work’ class can be cathartic and healing. It is highly recommended that you give yourself time after the class to process the deep work that can take place from the guided exercises on the course. An additional free 30 minute session will be available to the group a week after the class to allow space to support any refections and learning that have taken place. Date to be confirmed.

Social anxiety

During this ‘Addressing Social Anxiety’ class we will address fear of negative judgement from others and fear of appearing foolish in social situations. You will be supported in bringing new perspective to your social ‘performance’ and you will be given practical tips on how to support yourself in social situations. Date to be confirmed.

Panic Attacks

During the ‘Managing Panic Attacks’ class you will learn how panic attacks develop and how to practice grounding and self soothing techniques to support yourself. Date to be confirmed.

Dealing with OCD

In the ‘Dealing with OCD’ class we will explore how to relate to intrusive thoughts and how manage compulsive behaviour. We will also explore avoidance of difficult feelings and in particular the specific feelings that might influence the use of OCD as a coping mechanism. Date to be confirmed.

I have attended many stress management courses and nothing compares to Liz’s course in terms of the variety and depth of content covered. I found the course incredibly interesting and very helpful.

— Alice W

The course was fantastic. It helped me step back and breathe before getting stressed. Liz helped me become more aware and not let things get on top of me. I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the mindfulness. The delivery of the course created a great atmosphere. I also gained a little confidence. .

— Lorraine D

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