What to Expect

In the first session you may be deciding whether the therapist is the person you want to work with.  This is natural as counselling is a very personal business. If not, you can expect them to try and help you find someone more appropriate. Its very important to feel that your therapist ‘gets’ or understands you, and that you feel comfortable with them. If necessary ‘shop around’ for the right therapist for you.

You can expect to feel a bit nervous. After all you are talking about very personal things with someone you don’t know. Counselling/Therapy can be both a challenging and rewarding experience. Once you’ve got over any initial nerves, it can actually be easier to talk to someone you don’t know, because:

  • They aren’t involved in your life
  • They can see your life objectively and may be able to make conclusions about your relationships and behaviours
  • They will keep all information confidential
  • They will let you talk about anything and everything that is worrying you, no matter how small or unimportant you think it may seem

As change takes time you can expect to come for a number of sessions depending on the issues. This will be discussed with you.

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